Women in Christ

Past Exhortations

Accept One Another

All My Trials, Lord

All We Like Sheep

Always Hopes

An Invader Corrupted My Body 

And Daughters will Prophesy

Are You Listening to God

Are You Living the Way

Arm Yourselves


Becoming What We Are Meant to Be

Benedict Arnold's Wrong Foundation

Beyond Best

The Big Picture

Brace Yourself

Built to Last

By This We Know

Carry the Message

The Casting of the Net

A Child Shall Teach Them

Clean out God's Temple

Coming Alongside

Created to be Like God

Discussion Questions for Philippians

Do Good

Doing Our Own Thing

Everyday Faith

Expectation of Grace

Examine Yourselves

Faith in All Times

Feeding the Hungry

First Impressions

Filled Up

For Such a Time as This 

The Form of Religion 

Free Indeed

Galatians 6:7-10

God Doesn't Say Oops!

God has Called Us to Live in Peace

God Moments

“God Told Me To Do It.” Or Did He?

The Good News Jesus Has for You

Grace in Music

The Greatest Commandment

Guess Who the Villian Is

Guidelines for Research Reading

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

He Will Not Fail You

He Wouldn't Reach Back

The Health and Wealth Gospel

Hitting the Wall

Honesty with God

Horse Camp

If Your Enemy…

In Which God Do We Trust?

Is It Right Or Is It Easier?

Is Theology for Me?

It’s Not Exactly Like Baking Cookies

Jacob's Two Prayers

Just Thinking About Teeth

Keep Your Hand on Your Wallet

Kicking Against the Goads 

Led Into the Wilderness

Let There Be Peace on Earth

A Levitical War Sermon

Living Peace

The Lord Told Me 

The Lord's Requirements

Lovers of Pleasures

Manna from Heaven

Meaningless Talk

My Dear Friends, Flee From Idolatry 

Meaningless Talk

Mystery, Opportunity, Conversation, and Grace 

Needs vs. Wants

No Scandal Clause

Our Unseen Support

Patch it or Replace it?

Pay it Forward

Peace, Be Still

Perfect Love: As I Have Loved You

Power for Patience

Praying for All

Praying for Yourself

Proof of the Pudding

Purity and Reverence

Reading My Own Obituary

Receiving the Goal

Relationship Restored

Remind the People

Responding to a Cry for Help

Reverent Living

Sandcastles in Our Lives

See the Vision

Set Your Heart At Rest

The Simple Faith About Falling and Failing

The Simple Faith About Holiness

The Simple Faith Through Song

The Simple Faith in the Goodness of God's Law

Small Things

Sometimes You Can't Give It Away

Sow in Peace

Sparrows Fall From Heaven

Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out

Stir the Fire

Strengthened and Encouraged

The Super-Duper Apostles

Switching Channels

A Tale of Two Sisters

That They Where Proud of

There is Hope for a Caterpillar

Things That Accompany Salvation

Time of Testing

Torn Between Two Loves

Truth or Consequences

Unexpected Distractions

Walking at the Edge

Washing Each Other Clean

We Know

What Does Morality Have To Do With It?

What IS Love Anyway?

When Life Gives You a Kick, Get Up!

A Whisper in the Wilderness

With These Words

Women Who Serve God

You Can Make a Difference

You vs You

Your Prayer Can

You Shall Rule Over It