God Moments by Lenny Cacchio.  Artwork by Magdalena Schotten.
We pray for God's involvement in our lives, but do we expect it? Jesus said he would never leave nor forsake us, but often we pray with the low expectations of a skeptic. 

We are not alone in this. Once Peter was imprisoned (Acts 12), and in correct response the brethren in Jerusalem gathered in prayer. By the grace of God, Peter escaped prison, but when he appeared at the doorstep of the prayer group, they refused to believe that their prayer had been answered.

On the one hand it should be an encouragement to us that the early church, as infused with the Spirit of God as they were, could have the same doubts that we encounter daily. And it is also an encouragement that God can and does answer a prayer that is prayed in
little faith. On the other hand, it often seems God is in some remote corner of his universe on some more important endeavor than my poor problems.

Some time ago, when I was going through one of my periodic trying times, an acquaintance suggested keeping a journal of "God moments". At the end of each day, I was to open my journal and write down the incidents where God's day intersected with mine. 
Often I pray for God's protection on my family and me. At the end of the day I might recall that if I had not been delayed at the office, I might have been engulfed in the middle of a jackknifed eighteen-wheeler instead of in the traffic back-up behind it. One time a friend happened to pop into the office on a particularly dreadful day, and he was able to lend some perspective that made the day easier.

After two weeks of logging God moment after God moment, it finally penetrated my bullet-proof head that God is right there every day pulling little strings and easing major burdens without my even knowing about it, let alone appreciating it. A burden was lifted and gratitude resulted. If you have any doubts that God has forsaken you, keep a journal of your God moments. And then say a prayer of thanks. 

Lenny C.

Excerpted from The Sabbath Morning Companion, November 4, 2005 by Lenny Cacchio. All rights reserved.
Editor's Note: The beautiful artwork was provided by Magdalena Schotten. More of her artwork can be seen at www.hausgemeindetreff.de/