Faith in All Times


“In all his dealings with us God is at work for our good: In prosperity he tests our gratitude; in mediocrity, our contentment; in misfortune, our submission; in darkness, and at all times, our obedience and trust in him” (Foundations of Faith).

Our expression of faith in our everyday lives may take many forms as this quote implies.

When things are going well, we must remember the blessings are from God. Although we may have worked hard, God has provided the creation, our talents and the opportunities to work with. Others work hard and still may not have the prosperity or the good times we are going through. We express our faith in those times with thankfulness to God.

In mediocrity we express our faith by being content with what we have and the situation we are in. We should not covet what others have, but be satisfied with what has been provided.

Sometimes tragic things happen causing us to cry out, “Why, God?” How difficult it is to submit to his will at those times, but submit we must. “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still,” said Corrie ten Boom, a concentration camp survivor. “Some people think that I have great faith, but that is not true,” said Corrie ten Boom. “I do not have great faith – I have faith in a great God!”

Whatever happens to us in this life, we must trust and obey God. Remember, this life is only temporary. We look forward to a heavenly country. “God has planned something better for us” (Hebrews 11:38a).


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