Randi Shanta is a 17-year-old High School Senior. She shares the circumstances that led her to write the poem below: 

Last night I could not sleep...I was so upset about the things that have been told to me at work. I work with teens and adults that are making poor choices in life, as we all do sometimes. But they are to the point where they almost seem proud to tell you what awful thing they had done the night before. I know our world is full of sin and evil, but I am so sad that is becoming something that people are proud of! I felt inspired to write about what I was feeling. A poem came out. 

That They Where Proud of

And that they were proud of
Their addictions and crimes,
Boldly confessing the things
That they called “Good Times.”

“I got smashed at twelve,
And partied all night,
I totaled a car,
And got in a fight.”

“I took some of that,
Then I felt like I could fly,
But then I threw it all up,
And watched my best friend die.”

“I am taking more tonight,
I need to ease this pain,
I'll drink till I can't see,
Till my own thoughts I can't explain.”

“I'm watching my baby sister tonight,
But I didn't make it home,
I got in another fight,
But that's ok, she'll be all right.”

“I will do these things,
Till the day I die,
I will fill that empty place,
That only wants to cry.”

“Because I am better than that,
I don't need your help,
I can find my own way out,
I have bled and I have dealt.”

“If I can't fill that space,
Then I will drown it out,
Throwing down all those pills,
Or drinking away the doubt.”

If only they knew the pain they caused,
The Mothers and Fathers who stopped and paused,
Wondering what else they could have done,
Only wishing they could have saved their son.

To all of you, with addictions and pain,
Just know there are many who feel the same.

Don't let those things control you,
They are not going to ease your pain,
There is only one who can do that,
And His name is always the same.

I am trying to be real with you my friend,
To show you there's an open door, without an end.
I do not want to see your body abused,
You have a choice so don't choose to lose.

He paid a price for that door to be open,
So please take that step so you will be certain
He has a purpose and plan for your life—
Choose now my friend … choose eternal life.
~Always Randi~