Living Peace by Scarlett Stough

God promised peace to those who rely on him. Jesus told his disciples before he was crucified, "My peace I leave with you." We are admonished to be peacemakers and to peacefully live with everyone as much as it depends on us. But we find in our day to day life, this is not easy or automatic. God has given us some principles to show us how we can live the peace he gives.

It all begins with accepting God’s terms of peace:

  • Believe Jesus reconciled us to God through his death for our sins.
  • Confessing those sins, receiving God's forgiveness, and beginning to live a changed life.
  • Extending forgiveness to others and being willing to be reconciled in our relationships.
  • Allowing our minds to be renewed by reading and applying the Scriptures to daily life.
  • Setting our minds on the things of the Spirit and keeping in step with the Spirit’s guidance.
  • Continuing in prayer, turning all our anxieties over to God.
  • Be even more concerned about the wellbeing of others than we are our own.
  • Be content with the blessings God has already given. Constant cravings for more and better robs us of peace and joy.
  • Give thanksgiving to God for every small or large benefit we enjoy: food, clothing, shelter, beauty, nature, scientific wonders, family members and friends. That first cup of coffee in the morning. A warm coat on a really cold day. The means to heat or cool our homes. Our homes. The list is truly endless.
  • Are you in need of food, clothing and shelter? Ask God in faith, believing in his grace and good generosity to supply all your needs, giving him thanks for the life he makes possible.
  • Know God is love. God loves you.
  • Cling to the sure hope of the resurrection and a kingdom to come of peace, righteousness, justice, an Eternity free of death, pain, sorrow and tears.

Does this list seem overwhelming? It can be shortened to:

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love

It can also be shortened to "Love God and love neighbor as yourself."

Love is not divorced from emotion, but it is more than emotion. Without love, there can be no peace. It all begins with God who first loved us. Search the scriptures to see what God really says about life and peace.

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