Just Thinking About Teeth

I happened to check my son Jonathan's teeth this morning and surprise, surprise!! There's another molar!! I don't know when he began cutting it, but it is nearly through. And I didn't even notice him being extremely fussy or anything. 

It makes me think about our growth as a Christian. Growth is rarely painless. Most of the time, if we're truly growing, it's going to be with some discomfort. But! Do we often complain more about the pain than the pain really warrants? Yes, there's some pain. But are we going out of our way to let everyone know that we are suffering? I think I probably do. Bearing my suffering patiently isn't one of my strong points. 

So I was thinking about Jonathan. Why didn't I know that he was suffering? Probably because he's been so busy, (being two), that he didn't have time to think about how much it hurts. 

Ah! Perhaps that's the key to enduring suffering. If you are so busy serving God in whatever way He has chosen for you to serve, then you don't have time to complain about your growing pains. 

I know it sounds suspiciously easy, but next time you find yourself thinking about complaining - even to yourself - find something to do. Then let me know if it works. Praise God - it just might!

By Cynthia Saladin

Jonathan busy at play.
busy at play.