Our Unseen Support 
Hands in prayer.


"Pray for one another, that you may be healed" (James 5:16). 

Cruel Soviet prison camps ended the hopes and lives of many, so prison guards couldn't understand why Irina Ratushinskaya remained so joyful. Though she was cold, often sick and very hungry, Irina knew that people were praying for her. 

She is sure that she and other inmates experienced God's presence like "the sense of delicious warmth in a freezing land" because Christians around the world were asking God to help them endure. After obtaining her freedom, Irina wrote poems and letters expressing her gratitude. "My dear ones, thank you all," she would write. 

In the Old Testament, when a superior Amalekite army confronted the Israelites, Moses lifted his staff toward heaven and his personal prayers gave the Israelites the unseen support they needed. They were victorious against a powerful and overwhelming enemy. 

Sick, sorrowful and suffering people cannot always see the many Christians who are praying for them. But many speak of the feeling they have of God's presence in their affliction. They know this to be the result of the prayers of others. They gained the strength and the victory, just as Irina and the Israelites did, because others were praying for them. 

May we all faithfully intercede for those who are afflicted and struggling. May we pray daily for those who request our prayers. 

We are their unseen support. They will know they are not alone. They will know that we and God are with them. 

Jerry Webb, Sr.