Doing Our Own Thing

Our small study group will complete ďJudges: Returning to GodĒ (a Lifeguide Bible Study) by the end of August, 2002. The Book of Judges is definitely not one of my favorite books of the Bible. The author of Judges paints a disgusting, discouraging portrait of mankind doing its own thing. Itís like watching the evening news or reading the latest crimes in the newspaper----violence, cruelty, genocide, religion for profit, prostitution, sex crimes against men and women, robbery, abduction, wars, occupation by foreign armies. Sound familiar?

Yet, in contrast to all that evil is the mercy of God. When people finally get enough of wallowing in the painful consequences of ignoring Godís loving instructions (sin); cry out to him to be pulled out of it; and begin to learn and practice what God says is right, he is eager to rebuild that lost relationship.

Collage of people doing their own thing.
The Super Hero in the Book of Judges is God. The human heroes are those who turn to him and trust him. These werenít strong men of excellent character. Gideon is fearful. Samson is lustful and self-centered. Jephthah thinks he has to bribe God. Barakís obedience was conditional. Yet, these far-from-perfect individuals are listed as great men of faith in Hebrews Chapter 11. Why? Because they trusted God to rescue them.

That fact gives me hope. Godís deliverance does not depend on human perfection. But somebody has to ask for his help. If we want to do our own thing and tell him to get lost, he wonít interfere where heís not wanted. (James 4:1-10) 

Are you doing your own thing? Are you in trouble? Do you wonder where God is? Have you asked?

   By Scarlett Stough