Women in Christ

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In some movie scenes, characters will head into a church to seek God. While churches can be quiet, meditative locations, God is not confined to them. “God is Spirit”. We can “Come to Know Him” wherever we are. God has provided his Word to guide us in knowing him. I hope you make it a habit of delving into his Word on a daily basis. Do not just read the New Testament. Read the Old Testament as well, as these are the Scriptures Jesus and his followers read. It is rich in guiding us to learn about God. Come join us as we “Come to Know Him”.


Women in Christ

God is Spirit

If we are to worship God and not practice idolatry, we need to know who God is. Since God is Spirit, we cannot create a picture or a sculpture that can capture the fullness of who he is. ... more

Bible Study Guide

Bible Study Guides

Come to Know Him

Why do you think God is “unknown” to many people?...more

abundance of the heart

From the Abundance of the Heart

The LORD is Exalted

The LORD is exalted, for he dwells on high: ...more



Without Knowledge

Suffering is a state all of us have in common. The source of our suffering may be different—health problems, economic hardship, political unrest, or emotional distress; yet we often respond in the same way....more

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—

John 10:14

January 2022,
Volume 21 Issue 01

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