Boast in the Lord

by Scarlett Stough

The Lord Jesus Christ clothed himself in flesh and blood, chose to come into this world as an infant, and experience life as we do—except he always did his Father's will. He did everything right, but he suffered physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Why? Out of love he gave everything so that all who put their trust in him can live and not die.

People boast in sports heroes, entertainment idols, political “saviors” and worldly philosophies. Yet Jesus is dishonored by those who use his name to curse God and others. He is dishonored by those who misrepresent his person and his teachings. He is dishonored by those who are silent about his saving love.

I grew up in a culture which did not honor the name of Jesus as he deserves to be honored. I am reserved in using his name in conversation, partly out of a desire to avoid dishonoring his name as I have heard many do, but partly out of timidity to speak out. I know Jesus warned his disciples against trying to persuade the unpersuadable about the good news (Matthew 7:6.) I also look at the previous verses, 1-5, which warn me to tend to my own spiritual weaknesses first.

By writing about God's word, I can avoid possible personal confrontations. If someone is uninterested, they can just move on. But it is my hope that in the word of God, those who do read will discover the love of God and begin to return the love he so freely offers.