Book cover: Rediscovering Jonah, The Secret of God’s Mercy By Timothy Keller

Rediscovering Jonah,

The Secret of God's Mercy

by Timothy Keller

Keller, Pastor and author, writes: “The book of Jonah yields many insights about God's love for societies and people beyond the community of believers; about his opposition to toxic nationalism and disdain for other races; and about how to be 'in mission' in the world despite the subtle and unavoidable power of idolatry in our own lives and hearts. Grasping these insights can make us bridge builders, peacemakers, and agents of reconciliation in the world. Such people are the need of the hour.”

Jesus referred to the prophet Jonah comparing his mission to the reason Jesus came preaching repentance (Matthew 12:38-45). As Timothy Keller works his way through the story of Jonah, he also shows how Jonah's story has relevance to our understanding of Jesus and our role as his disciples.

I found a greater appreciation for the message in the book of Jonah through reading this pastor's explanation of it. I won't give away the answer to the “cliffhanger” at the end. I hope you will read and discover it for yourself.

Book Review By Scarlett Stough

Title: Rediscovering Jonah, The Secret of God's Mercy (previously published as The Prodigal Prophet.)
Author: Timothy Keller Copyright 2018
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780735222076