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He's God and We're Not,

The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life

by Ray Pritchard

In 227 pages, the book He's God and We're Not, presents seven principles of spiritual life that pastor Ray Pritchard of Oak Park, Illinois, had discovered through years of pastoring to be vital to spiritual survival and growth.

The crux of the book is in the first law, He's God and we're not. Every Christian needs to understand that God knows what he is doing with us, but we may not. Pastor Ray Pritchard fills the book with vivid examples of a Christian walk with God.

Each of the seven laws is basic and simple, but essential to our relationship with God and to the process of maturing as a Christian. The author offers encouragement mixed with instruction. He shows that even though some of our life experiences make no sense to us today those experiences do make sense in God's eternal purpose, for He's God and We're Not.

Book Review By Scarlett Stough

Editorial Note: We first published this review in Volume III, Issue 5. While I could only find used books for sale online, there is a kindle version available.

Title: He's God and We're Not, The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life
Author: Ray Pritchard copyright 2003
Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee
ISBN: 0-8054-2694-9