Bearing Fruit

By Nancy Vandemark

Ravi Zacharias passed away in May 2020. I often listened to him on the radio. Some philosophical and literary quotes were above my understanding, but he put things in a way I could also understand. He served as an example of one who walked in the Spirit.

One thing I remembered was when he talked about how people came to the Lord. It is not about what we intellectually tell them, or fear, but love. When we walk in the Spirit, when we walk as Jesus walked, it is first of all love we show to others.

I was reading the parable of the sower from Matthew 13 this morning. I thought of the fruit of Ravi Zacharias’ ministry; he surely bore fruit and produced a hundredfold. Ravi would occasionally share stories of the lives of people who were touched by his ministry. Yet for everyone he was aware of, I am sure there were many more people whose lives were touched by his ministry he never knew about.

But not all of us have such a notable ministry. Yet the parable goes on to honor those who produce less. As each of us individually walk in the Spirit, our light will shine to others in our own corner of the world. I don’t think we always know how far that light shines, but God knows. Was the uplifting comment to a stranger, who may have been weighted down, added to comments by others, used by God to lift the person up?

We have been blessed with the Spirit and sink our roots in the good soil. If we keep in step with Spirit, we too will bear fruit, known and unknown.