The Story by Scarlett Stough

A religious leader told an enquiring couple that the Bible was "just stories" as if story has no value and the Holy Bible should not be taken as instruction about life and God and relationship with him. This particular couple took this religious leader's opinion as a reason to stop viewing the Holy Scriptures as God's story meant to draw the reader to him and him alone.

I feel such grief that some have allowed themselves to be cut off from "The Story"—God's story preserved for us today. They might find a certain "peace" in deciding to stop searching for a true religion. I do agree that religions are pretty much man made. The only true religion lies in a heart and spirit connected to God and in following the Way of Jesus, not in a particular denomination or statement of beliefs. I can quote scriptures to support that, but for those who have rejected the Bible as God's truth, it won’t help them.

The Bible is a collection of stories, but it isn’t "just a story." For those who find in it a path to their Creator and their Heavenly Father, it is a continuing story that shows the way to a life of love and peace which is eternal.

I feel anger toward those who hinder others from searching for and finding God in this life. I feel great grief for those who have decided it is too difficult to wrestle with the things of God. He also has pity for us all, but he has given us a choice; choose life or choose death. He greatly desires us to choose life.

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