Too Many and Enough

There’re too many reasons to be angry and hard
Too many ways to be offended and hurt
There are far too many hateful things to do
Too many darts to throw and bulls eyes hit

There’re too many schemes schemed to tear us apart
Too many ways to be divided in hate
There are far too many cruel words for us to speak
Too many cold and icy tones

There’re too many ways that we destroy and devastate
Too many ways that we deceive
There are far too many lies that we bear
Too many ways for us to be fake

There’re too many bleeding, crippled and wounded
Too many bitter, hardened and calloused
There are far too many unloved and disregarded
Too many lost and overlooked

But there’s enough love to cover each a thousand sins
Enough time to heal all wounds
There’s enough forbearance to bring us together
Enough warmth to melt our souls

There’s enough forgiveness for us to let go
Enough strength for us to stand
There’s enough joy for us to laugh once more
Enough hope for faith to grow

There are enough hands to hold the fragile
Enough eyes to see the hiding
There are enough tongues to speak the truth
Enough arms to hold all babes

There is enough love to save us
Enough sacrifice to redeem
There is enough grace to cover us
Enough mercy to bring us home

Elizabeth Erin Puckett January 20, 2006

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