Righteousness by Faith

by Scarlett Stough

Part One
Read Genesis 8:20-22; Genesis Chapters 9-10; 11:1-9.

1. Genesis 8:20-22. What is the condition of the heart of man according to the LORD? What promise did God make?

2. Genesis 9:1-7. When God blessed Noah after the flood, what did he ask Noah and his descendants to do and to not do?

3. Genesis 9:8-17. What did God promise as an everlasting covenant? What was the sign he gave that he would remember that covenant?

4. Genesis 9:18-28. In what ways did Noah and his sons prove the truth of God's judgment that “every inclination of his [every man's] heart is evil from childhood”?

5. 2 Peter 3:1-18. Although God does not want anyone to perish, what is the judgment on ungodly men?

6. Genesis 10:1-30. How well did Noah's descendants carry out God's instruction to “fill the earth” (9:1) up to this point in history?

7. Genesis 11:1-5. What plan did men make to stop spreading out over the earth as God intended?

8. Genesis 11:6-9. What did God do to interfere with men's plans so that God's plan of inhabiting the entire earth would continue?

9. Acts 2. In Genesis God altered languages to scatter people throughout the earth. After Pentecost, how did God ensure the Gospel of Jesus would go to all nations (verse 4)?

Part Two
Read Genesis 11:10-Chapter 15.

1. Genesis 11:1-32. Why do you think this genealogy records the fact Abram's wife Sarai was barren—unable to bear children?

2. Genesis 12:1-3. What promise did the LORD make to Abram and what was Abram told to do?

3. Genesis 12:4-9; Hebrews 11:8-12. How did Abram express faith in God's promise to him?

4. Genesis 12:10-16. What do you notice about Abram's decision to go to Egypt to escape the famine? In what did he place his faith in this situation?

5. Genesis 12:17-20. How did the LORD rescue Sarai and Abram?

6. Genesis 13:1-4, 18. As in Abram's earlier journeys (12:7-8), he built an altar to the LORD. What does this tell us about the faith of Abram?

7. Genesis 13:5-17. What attribute can we see in Abram by the solution he proposed to avoid conflict between his household and Lot's? On what did Lot base his choice? What encouragement did the LORD give Abram?

8. Genesis 14:18-20; Hebrews Chapters 5, 6, and 7; Psalm 110:1-4; Matthew 22:41-45. Melchizedek blessed Abram. How does this event point to Jesus?

9. Genesis 15:1-6. How did God make Abraham righteous?

10. Genesis 15:7-21. How did the LORD show that he would carry out his promise—his covenant with Abram?

11. Galatians Chapter 3. How is the faith of Abraham related to faith in Jesus Christ?

12. Romans 6:1-14. 1 John 3:3-6; 1 John 1:8-10. How should our faith in Christ affect how we live?