Grace to the Humble

by Scarlett Stough

Read Genesis Chapters 4 and 5.

1. Genesis 4:1-2. What do we learn about Cain and his brother Abel?

2. Genesis 4:3-5; Isaiah 66:1-5; Psalm 51:15-17; James 4:5-10. What do these scriptures tell you about the grace (favor) of God? Do these give you an answer to why God gave Abel favor, but withheld it from Cain? What answer did you find?

3. Luke 18:9-14. Why did Jesus declare the tax collector to be justified while the Pharisee was not? Do you think this same principle would apply to Cain and Abel? Why or why not?

4. Genesis 4:6-7; Matthew 7:15-27. How can we apply God's instruction to Cain to ourselves in light of Jesus instructions to us today?

5. Genesis 4:8-24. How did God show grace to Cain even in the punishment of expulsion?

6. Genesis 4:25-26. What two major events occurred after Cain's expulsion to a life of a wanderer? Explain why the events could be called “major?”

7. Genesis 5:1-21. What can you learn from the genealogical list from Adam to Enoch?

8. Genesis 5:22-24; Matthew 7:13-14. What do you think it means for a person to “walk with God?”

9. Genesis 5:25-32; Hebrews 11:1-7, 13. What do Abel, Enoch, and Noah all have in common? How can we emulate them today?