Be Ready

by Scarlett Stough

1. Luke 12:35-40. What actions are involved as these servants wait for their employer to return? What did the employer expect of them?

2. Luke 12:41-48. Since Jesus did not directly answer Peter's spoken question, what do you think Jesus intended for Peter to understand from his answer? How do you think you should apply it to yourself?

3. Matthew 22:1-14. (See also 21:43-46.) Jesus gave this parable with the religious leaders listening. What warnings and applications can you find for Christians today?

4. Romans 13:14; Galatians 3:27; Isaiah 61:10; Revelation 7:14b; Revelation 19:8. How do we “put on the Lord Jesus Christ?” What does clothing or garments represent in these verses?

5. Revelation 19:6-10. Compare this passage to Matthew 22:1-14 and Matthew Chapter 25. What do the white linen garments represent? How can you apply this personally?

6. Ephesians 6:10-20. The year 2020 has turned out to be a year full of strife over how to handle a pandemic and injustice, long endured. We are in conflict and divided over many legal and social problems in the United States of America; but conflicts are seen all over the world in every nation. How do you see your responsibility in standing “against the schemes of the devil” using the armor of God?