Who Are You?

Who are you? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Well, I know I’ve had that conversation with myself quite a few times. It can be scary to sit down and question your very being; your motives, your thoughts, your actions, your heart. Sometimes the only answer I can give myself is: “child of God.” Everything else may change or fade away but I know that one fact never will. Yet there are so many things that make us who we are and our past plays a huge role. 

Maybe that scares you. I know I’ve made some poor, and well stupid, decisions in my past and it’s not pleasant to think about those things being any part of me today. Yet they are because every choice we make today effects who we will be tomorrow, next week and three years from now. However, my point is not that our pasts haunt us or that we are bound by our mistakes; not at all. Rather, I believe that while we cannot separate ourselves from our past, we have a choice in what we do with our past. Actually, we have many choices. We can take our mistakes and tie them to our backs to bear them for the rest of our lives or we can lay them down at the feet of our Father for Him to work out. We can live every day in regret or we can turn our past into wisdom and understanding. And if you’ve led a “good” life you can choose to condemn and judge the “sinners” or you can humble yourself and consider no man better than yourself. 

Every day is a chance to grow and change. Your past only limits you if you let it. If you are determined to win this race you must let your crash and burns teach you to be a better driver. Always remember that because of our Big Brother’s sacrifice we are free to drive out of the rut that is our past. To me that is like telling a bird, once caged in the arctic, that he may fly to Hawaii if he really wants to. Sometimes they’re caged so long the birds don’t think they can take to the sky. But they’re birds, they were made to fly. 

Pain will make or break you. But the intensity of the trial is not the deciding factor. It is your choice how you react to the refining fire. It is your choice whether a relatively easy life makes you self-righteous or joyful and generous. It is your choice whether your trials and pain make you hard and cold or compassionate and merciful. And it is your choice whether to answer or ignore the voice of God. 

Truly, I am more than happy, I’m hopeful, knowing that no matter where I came from, I can still walk to God. The Old Dragon will lie to you, whispering in your thoughts that God will never accept you as you are. He’s sly. Remember he’s been around a lot longer than you and me and you know he’s got our number. But don’t listen. Defiantly choose who you will be today because you have that freedom. Because of the inexpressible grace of God we are free to be who He wants us to be: His children, His heirs and His beloved. 

Elizabeth Puckett
Excerpted from More Than That,  March, 2005