Stuck On Me
So stuck on me
I couldnít see
That all you needed
Was love from me

So stuck on me
I couldnít tell
What I was
Or where I fell

So stuck on me
I couldnít give
The greatest gift
To let love live.

So stuck on me
And all consumed
I didnít see
How darkness loomed

But something changed
And now I see
Just how much
I was stuck on me

Now I donít care
No not so much
For the world to be
So stuck on me

So talk to me
Iíll try to hear
Just what it is
You hold so dear

And what you need
Iíll try to be
ĎCause now I know
Love lives through me 

Elizabeth Puckett
Excerpted from More Than That,  January, 2005