Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you ever wondered why the Lord no longer sends angels to speak to us? The Old and New Testaments are full of accounts of angels and even Jesus Himself speaking to people. Yet, who nowadays has heard the voice of an angel, let alone God, speak to them? I know I certainly havenít experienced such a thing and I canít think of anyone who has. But why is this? Is it our own unrighteousness? Certainly not. The people God spoke to werenít perfect either. Is it a lack of faith on our part? I highly doubt it. Then maybe God has just deserted us and left us to fend for ourselves? Riiight. I think to find the answer, we must first consider Christ. 

Jesus was called the ďWord of God.Ē (John 1:1) He was also the Lord of the Old Testament. The being that came in the flesh and died so we might inherit eternal life is one and the same with the God who walked and spoke with Abraham, who wrestled with Jacob and thundered from Mount Sinai. His finger carved the Ten Commandments on stone tablets and His death shook the earth and split the rocks. (Matthew 27:51) Through Him, the very thoughts of God were made known to men. Without Him and the mediator role He has always played, there would be no lamp for our feet, no light for our path. Anyone that spoke to God the Father or heard His voice would have died instantly so whatever God had to say wouldnít be known. Only through Jesus Christ can we know the plans of God. 

For a while, Christ was here with us. I canít think of a time when the disciples received a message from an angel while Christ was with them. Therefore, I have to conclude that there was no need for messengers when the Message was right there before them. Of course Jesus was not with them forever but He left with them, and consequently with all of us, something almost as good: His words and the Holy Spirit. 

Christ may not speak to us physically or send us visions in our sleep but God has not stopped communicating with us. He still shows us His will and His thoughts through His Word. After Christ came and lived among us, He inspired men to give us yet another gift: the Bible. In this one compilation we find the very plan of God unfolding. We can find all we need to know right there. Itís not just a history book; itís a way for God to speak to us. When we read and meditate on it we write Godís very thoughts on our hearts and minds. And even though Godís thunderous voice may not rumble down from the heavens, He does answer us. But we can only understand as much as we have read. For the Holy Spirit recalls the words we write on our hearts and if it finds nothing there, what answer can it give? 

Proverbs 7:2-3 
ďKeep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.Ē 

Elizabeth Puckett
Excerpted from More Than That,  November, 2004