A Different Kind of Beauty

Does God think Iím beautiful? Itís a question that no mirror can answer. Beauty of the heart canít be seen in the perfection of features or aptitude in which make-up is applied. Itís something hidden deep within the soul of a person; a type of rose that God Himself creates in each of us that can only be seen through trials and circumstance. 

There is no foundation to cover the blemishes of the heart. No pastel color can be applied to enhance what is really there. The beauty that is unique to each heart is simple, yet capable of being more exquisite than the most dazzling of gems and more precious than platinum or gold. A beautiful heart is worth more than a thousand mansions yet rarer than the last of an endangered species. The world is pale compared to the radiance of a pure and righteous heart. 

Yet purity is not valued among young men and women today. All too often, vanity wins and pride is triumphant while the good and truly beautiful are rejected. We seek the shallow, materialistic things of life rather than that which never perishes. Oh, that we might learn to cherish that which is beautiful to God! Then we might learn to ask ďAm I being beautiful?Ē rather than, ďDo I look beautiful?Ē 

Elizabeth Puckett
Excerpted from More Than That,  June, 2004