Who is a Woman in Christ?

Before attempting to answer the title question, let's talk about who Christ is. 

  • He is the serpent-destroyer promised to the first woman Eve. 
  • He is the prophet foretold by Moses. 
  • He is the suffering servant that Isaiah described in passionate detail. 
  • He is the Lord of lords and King  of kings honored in the Book of Psalms. 
  • He is the son of the virgin Mary. 
  • He is the stepson of Joseph the carpenter. 
  • He is the Son of Man and the Son of God. 
  • He was sent to reveal the Father and reconcile humanity to its creator. 
  • He allowed himself to be executed as if he were a criminal even though he was acknowledged to be without fault by his close friends, his enemies, and the Roman officials. 
  • The resurrected Christ was seen by over 500 people.  Many people today and down through the ages are witnesses of his continuing personal interaction with them. 
  • His Hebrew name Yeshua means God Saves. 
  • The Apostle John wrote that Jesus was with God and was God. 
Through future commentaries and Bible studies, Women in Christ will explore much more that describes our Savior and our relationship with him.

Back to the original question: Who is a woman in Christ?

  • She believes that Jesus is who he claimed to be. 
  • She trusts him enough to act on what he said. 
  • She is not perfect, but she admits it when she realizes that she is wrong. 
  • She puts her talents, education, intellect, will, and emotions to work to benefit others. 
  • She puts her efforts into a moral, useful, loving way of life. 
Here too more will be said in future issues.

Why “in” Christ? This little preposition represents a close association of trust and reliance. It represents unity of purpose and values. It represents a way of life that goes beyond mere belief in the existence of God and Jesus Christ.

Becoming a woman in Christ is both a one time event of a new birth and a lifetime process of maturing. It is a process much like the growth of an infant into adulthood. Even though she will  fall and make mistakes, she will gain knowledge and skill. By living in union with Christ, she will live successfully now and gain eternal life.

For the scripture reference list and related Bible Study Guide, go to Bible Study Guide: Who is a Woman in Christ?

Scarlett Stough
Revised June, 2003