Sisters of Bethany by Scarlett Stough
A family in Bethany, Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, were friends of Jesus. They offered him a place to stay and teach. On one occasion, Martha was stressed out trying to prepare food for the crowd of people that were gathered in her home listening to Jesus teach. She wanted Mary, who was listening to him, to help her, but Jesus defended Mary’s choice to learn from him. He did not reprimand Martha for making her choice to serve; only for complaining about the better choice her sister made. (Luke 10:38-42)

Martha was serving. Every Christian is called to service, or ministry, but each person has a different service in the Lord’s work. As we go about doing the work God has given us the means and opportunity to do, we must not lose sight of who we are serving. We must not get so busy doing the physical activities that we forget that Jesus also called us to rest in him and learn of him. We must not look around with resentment at others whose service seems easier. 

Those whose service is difficult will have a reward from Jesus commensurate with their service. Something that seems easy to one person may be something that is challenging and difficult for another. Those whose work seems easier may only be preparing for something more difficult in the future. God knows the devotion and commitment of each one of his servants. 

Jesus knows the pressure of too much work to do in the time constraints and physical limitations of the human body. The strength, peace of mind, and determination to keep at it are all available from him. 

Jesus freed us from worry over survival so we could focus our attentions and primary efforts on the kingdom of God. Believing in Jesus includes trusting in his faithfulness to provide all we need to accomplish even the difficult and seemingly impossible. He has given us his Holy Spirit to guide us in choosing “the good part” as Mary did. We can avoid stressing out as Martha did by doing the Lord’s work in his strength. 

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