Jehosheba by Scarlett Stough
Jehosheba hurried to the nursery. She knew she couldn't save all the child princes from Athaliah’s plan to murder them all; but she could save one. She entered the baby Joash’s room, “Hurry, Nurse. The baby's life is in danger. His father King Ahaziah has been assassinated. His grandmother, Athaliah, is on her way to kill all of the royal sons. No. Don't bring anything but the child. Hurry! Athaliah’s soldiers are on the way.”*

The two women escaped unnoticed. Jehosheba brought the baby prince and his nurse into the priest’s living quarters at the Temple. Jehosheba and her husband, the priest Jehoiada, hid the child Joash and his identity for six years. (II Kings 11:1-5; II Chronicles 22:10-12)

Joash learned about God and that God alone should be worshiped. He was restored to the throne of his father Ahaziah when he was only seven years old. Joash followed Jehoiada’s instructions and did what the Lord said was right as long as Jehoiada lived. But after Jehoiada died, Joash listened to counselors who seduced him back into the ways of his father and grandmother. (II Chronicles 24:17-27)

Jehosheba and Jehoiada had saved his life and gave him the throne of his father Ahaziah. Joash had been given a chance to know right from wrong from his infancy; but his heart was not in it. He was easily seduced into worshipping other gods and the selfishness, cruelty and murder that went along with it. 

God gave Joash another chance by sending Zechariah and other prophets to remind him of his responsibility toward God and the nation of Judah. Joash  forgot the kindness of Jehosheba and Jehoiada and murdered their son Zechariah. He had turned from their compassionate, righteous example and teaching and led Israel back into breaking their covenant with God. Then he refused to turn back to God when he had the chance.

Our Heavenly Father has given us a chance for eternal life through his Son Jesus. Each day we have decisions to make: Will we continue to follow God and his teachings? Or will we follow other counselors who appeal to our worst desires? Will we confess and repent of wrongdoing when God sends someone to correct us? Or will we hate and abuse the ones who try to turn our hearts to God? Will we remember the kindness of God who has made a way for us to share in the inheritance of his own Son, Jesus? Or will we rule tyrannically in our own small kingdoms of personal selfishness?

*(The writer’s dramatization of a possible dialogue.)

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