One Young Captive Girl From Israel by Scarlett Stough

An unnamed Israelite was taken captive by a band of Arameans. She became a slave in the household of Naaman, the commander of the King of Aramís army where she served the commanderís wife. This young girl, possibly a teenager (maybe younger) adapted to her new home and, apparently, faithfully carried out her duties.

Naaman had a skin disease, possibly leprosy. While the young slave tended her mistress, she expressed concern for her masterís condition. ďIf only my master would see the prophet who is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy.Ē

Whether Naamanís wife passed this information on to her husband as an amusing anecdote from her day or as a serious option, we are not told. But Naaman took it seriously enough to follow up on her suggestion. (You can read the full story in II Kings 5:1-27.)

Jesus used this account as an example to people who have the constant opportunity to hear Godís message, yet fail to recognize and receive Godís messengers with respectful consideration of their message. (Luke 4:23-30) Just one young captive girl led one diseased Aramean to cross the border into enemy territory seeking healing from a servant of God. How often do we tune out, ignore, or even ridicule the good news of the spiritual and sometimes physical healing God offers us through The Prophet, Jesus the Christ and the Son of God? 

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