Complete the Work

by Scarlett Stough

As the letter to the church at Colosse is brought to a close, we are given a brief glimpse into the life of the church. Individuals are named which gives us an opportunity to see this church in relationship to each other and to the work of God.

They care about each other; they pray for one another; they work hard for one another; they are sent out from and they return to their home church. We see their character described and their individual jobs mentioned. Instead of buildings called churches, we see people called the church meeting in a woman’s private home in Laodicea.

They are all busy working hard for the Lord and for each other. This is a church at work, not only locally, but in other cities as well. The instruction Paul was inspired to write to them are important for the success of that work. These instructions and examples, if followed by a church today, could equip them to complete the work God empowers them to do.

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