Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy


My oldest granddaughter, Hannah, is normally more active than most children. But there were times she was out of control. It often occurred right before bedtime. It was frustrating to deal with for her parents. In a small way, it was work to maintain their expression of love and patience during this time. One night Hannah’s mother noticed that the toothpaste Hannah was using had red dye in it. She soon discovered that Hannah was reacting to the red food dye. Once that was removed from her diet, she was much calmer. Life is much easier on her parents now.

When I think of my behavior in comparison to what God’s way is, I fall short. I have no red dye allergy to blame it on. How does my Father in heaven maintain, or keep, his mercy toward me? His word gives me my answer.

We continue on with the series examining the name the Lord proclaimed to Moses in Exodus 34:7 with the commentary, I Will Keep You and the study guide, Keeping Mercy for Thousands. Please join us.