Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy


Sometimes it is easier to have compassion and to be moved to help those who are strangers to us rather than to those that are close by. The strangers have not wronged us in any way. We do not see their sins, but rather the disastrous situations that have come upon them.

Jesus gave a parable in Matthew 18:21-35 in answer to Peter’s question about how many times he should forgive his brother. It represents the great mercy and compassion that he has shown us in the forgiving of our sins. He expects us, in turn, to express that mercy and compassion to those who have sinned against us. That is not always an easy thing to do; at least I know it is not for me. It is hard to admit how much I have sinned and know, because that I am human, I will continue to sin. I feel the pain when someone sins against me. I do not see clearly God’s pain I cause him unless I take time to remember the suffering and death that Jesus went through to forgive me of those sins. If I take the time to remember that, how much easier it would be to forgive a fellow human being for what they have done against me, which is minor in comparison.

It is appropriate in this season to remember to show compassion on those whom we don’t know along with those we do know and love. By Jesus’ example, we need to lay down our lives for others and show compassion regardless of how they have treated us. 

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:12-13

Please join us this month as we examine what it means to be Filled with Compassion and study what God’s word says about how and why we are to Be Compassionate.