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People in positions of power, leaders in politics, sports, entertainment and religion, have an influence over people in many ways. That influence can be for good or bad, which is why Paul was teaching Timothy how important it was to be that good example in all aspects of his life.

People in powerful positions sometimes are put into more tempting situations. It may also be easier for them to take advantage of others. In other cases, they may be seen as targets for people to conquer and bring down.

In Scarlett Stough’s commentary, Absolute Purity, she gives the meaning of the Greek word that is translated “purity” as “the quality of cleanliness especially in regards to chastity.” As seen by many examples in the news, people of power are sometimes “caught” in impurity and what they have done is announced to millions of people.

While the sports or entertainment figure, and sometimes the politician, may get away without much damage to their professional life, a religious leader often drags down not only him or herself, but the outsider’s image of Jesus and those of his followers.

We all have our sphere of influence. While it may not be nationwide or even city wide, there are people around us to whom we are the examples of living a Christian life. We too, as Paul told Timothy, must set an example “in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Come join us as we conclude our series on 1 Timothy 4:12 and learn to Set an Example in Purity.