Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

We now come to the last characteristic in 2 Peter 1:5-8, love. It is not surprising that it comes last in the list. Even though these characteristics develop and increase with use simultaneously, not consecutively, through the work of the Holy Spirit, one must have a grounding in the characteristics that come before in order to express that agape love.

Without faith, we would not have received God’s spirit in order to proceed further.

Without goodness, the changing of our ways to God’s way, we cannot express agape love.

Without knowledge of God and his character, we will not know the best way to express agape love.

Without self-control, or temperance, we will have less energy to direct toward the expression of agape love toward God and our fellow man.

Without perseverance, we will give up in expressing agape love when times are hard or people are difficult.

Without godliness, we may let the way of this world creep in our life instead of keeping ourselves focused on the way God would have us live and express the agape love.

Without brotherly kindness, showing love within the very body of Christ, how can we go beyond that to express agape love?

For without these characteristics to help us, we won’t be able to “Follow the Way of Love.”

Come join us as we study, “And to Brotherly Kindness, Love.”