Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

God often reinforces the lessons we are studying. This past month my laptop started becoming unreliable. It would not always boot up properly; it was locking up for no apparent reason. I had planned to get a desktop computer, but not until next summer. I felt I needed to buy the new computer right away to get my files transferred since I am working on several major projects.

This happened as I was working through this month’s study guide, And to Self-Control, Perseverance and working through a chapter in Respectable Sins, Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges. The particular chapter I was reading at the time was Anxiety and Frustration.

Upgrading to a new computer with new software and hardware is not easy. Software and files are not always compatible. The first problem I ran into was the program, which a sales person had picked out to help me transfer my files, was not working properly. After several attempts, I went on the internet to look in the troubleshooting section as the instructions had advised. There I found the program was not compatible with the Vista 64 on my new computer. Then I realized the frustration I was having with the whole situation.

Frustration is one of the “respectable sins” that Jerry Bridges refers to in his book. I thought of what I had read about frustration. I knew it was not pleasing to God and stopped to pray. I let go of the frustration and relied on God’s help. I tried the transfer program one more time, and then it worked. I ran into other problems. The security software I had purchased in August said it was compatible with Vista on the box, but it was not compatible with Vista 64. I ran into other issues with older software, but that was expected.

I persevered to get the job done. Letting going of the minor frustration through prayer made the whole situation much more pleasant. It all came back to relying on God, even in the small things.

I have, as you have, faced many greater trials than just dealing with technology. Every part of our lives, though, should reflect the character of God. To Run with Perseverance is not easy. But God has promised a great reward at the end.

God perseveres in working with us. He not only endures through the horrible sins of this world by people that reject or ignore him. He also endures the sins of us Christians who are often unaware of our own sins. But he never quits on us.

I am so thankful that God is Faithful.