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Notes from Nancy

Humility is expressed by our actions. It is not just a state of mind.

In the example of A Sister Called Mary, we see the humility of Mary expressed in her great desire to sit at Jesus’ feet to learn from him. Because of her acknowledgement of the greatness of Jesus and her need to learn from him, she took every opportunity she could to sit and listen to him. It is all too easy for us to get caught up in the busy activities of life. For me, there is overtime at work and keeping up with maintenance of my home, health and possessions. It is a constant battle to acknowledge I must put the physical on a lower priority and take the time to listen to the wisdom that Jesus has to share with me.

Jesus, by his example and teachings, showed us the humility we need to serve others. In Washing Each Other Clean, you will see that washing each other’s feet at that time demanded a lot more than washing the typical person’s feet in this day and age does. Still, today it does take time and is not always pleasant or easy to serve our brethren in helping each other get spiritually clean.

Please join us in seeing what we can learn to be Humble in Heart in this month’s issue.