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In the United States, one day in May is set apart to honor our mothers. This is followed by a day in June to honor our fathers. Obedience and honor to parents are important in every society.

The first command God gives us concerning our relationships with other people is “Honor thy father and thy mother.” It comes with the promise,”…that you may live long and that it may go well with you….” Deuteronomy 5:16.

Ideally, our first relationship is with loving parents. This relationship affects all of our future relationships, both with other people and God.

Children learn trust through the parents who provide their needs which they can not provide for themselves. Children learn discipline is a form of love. The parent uses discipline to protect them from harm or to help them to grow into a mature, stable adults.

If we have had the opportunity to have been loved by our imperfect parents, we are better able to accept the love of God, our heavenly Father, and to build a close relationship with him.

Please join us as we take a small glimpse of the parent-child relationship of Mary and Jesus. See how becoming a child of God also comes with promises.

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