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Notes from Nancy

I am suffering right now with tendonitis in my elbow. It is my own fault that I am hurting this bad. I ignored God; that is, I ignored my body created by God. It was yelling at me through pain to stop what I was doing. But I was stubborn. I wanted to get all the limbs trimmed in my yard right then. I ignored the pain and I am paying the price. If I had only listened to God who was trying to tell me something through the pain I was suffering while sawing the limbs. I could have listened to the pain, stopped, gave my arm a break, and finished the job later. But I ignored the pain.

Thankfully, my arm will heal because of the way God designed our bodies. But my arm will never be the same again.

Sometimes we ignore the pain of sin and just keep doing the wrong thing. We are caught up in  sin and ignore the consequences. Maybe the bad results (the pain and suffering) do not seem that bad at the time. But if we ignore them, the consequences get worse. By the time our suffering gets our attention, the damage has been done. God will still help us in our suffering, but our lives will never be quite the same again.

Not all suffering is caused by our own sin, but we should stop and examine ourselves to see if we are contributing to our suffering.

Both Sarah and Hagar were suffering. They did not handle things Godís way until the suffering was so great they called out to Him. God heard them in their suffering. And thankfully, He hears us in ours.