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Notes from Nancy

It is hard sometimes for me not to be envious of Eunice, but I have hope through Lois. You see, I feel I did not do the best job of truly teaching God's word, the Holy Scriptures, to my children.

While I knew the ten commandments growing up. I never truly just sat down and read the Bible. I learned what my childhood church taught. I ended up rebelling, not only against the church, but against God. It wasn't until several years, and many mistakes later, that God opened my eyes to His Word.

During the time I should have been teaching my children, I was a babe in Christ, myself. I tried to teach them as I learned, but often felt inadequate. What I did do was pray that God would bring people into their lives that would help them build that relationship with God. I still continue to pray, because not all my children have a relationship with their Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have hope in Lois. When I have grandchildren, I hope to do a better job in teaching them about God's word, my relationship with Jesus and how they can build a relationship with Him.

We, as mothers and grandmothers, parents and grandparents, have an important task in teaching our children about God. They have many influences on them in this world to lead them away from Christ. We can do our best to teach them and we can continue to pray that God will bring about circumstances to call them into a relationship with Him. Then they will have a foundation on which to build that relationship.