Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

"The Windmill" (in Abundance of the Heart section) made me think of "graham cracker prayers." 

Let me explain. Some time back, a friend told me about a story she had read. A family was going through some hard economic times. The mother had the children pray with her for God to provide them with food. One of her little boys wanted to pray for some graham crackers. The mother tried to discourage him for praying so specifically. But this little boy really wanted some graham crackers. So the little boy prayed for the crackers anyway. Later that day, some bags of groceries were left on the front porch for them. Sure enough, there were some graham crackers in one of the bags.
Now, when God answers a prayer for some seemingly small thing, we say God answered a "graham cracker prayer." 
One evening, my daughter, Kendra, and I were driving over to friends house for a special dinner. It was raining hard and Kendra was driving  through the countryside with curvy roads and it was difficult to see. We were both getting tense due to the low visibility. Then, a few minutes later the rain eased to soft gentle and then sprinkling rain. Kendra looked at me and grinned, a  "graham cracker prayer." 
We arrived at the home about twenty minutes later. As we unloaded our food and started to carry it to the house, large drops of rain started to fall. As we both picked up our speed as we headed for the house, Kendra looked at me and said, "God's sense of humor."

I hope you will enjoy and grow from this month's issue on prayer. Please feel to share with us and our readers some of your experiences with prayer.