Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

"Don't worry Mom, everyone knows you are not a Martha Stewart,"  my daughter told me as I was fretting over her upcoming graduation party.

I have a friend who sometimes refers to herself as a "Martha" because she feels she has a problem of being too anxious over her hostess and household duties. (Has anyone wondered, besides me, if Martha Stewart's name is her given name or if she chose the name for business purposes being aware of the Martha in the Bible?) 

Too often, when I think of having people over, I feel the pressure to live up to Martha's example to the point I don't have the hospitality that I should have as a Christian.  After reading this month's articles, I feel comforted in the knowledge that God knows where we are in the maturing process. Just as he cares for the beautiful birds that come to feed outside my kitchen window, God cares for us. (After reading Diane's article, I bought a bell bird feeder to hang in the tree by my kitchen window.)

I believe there is something in this issue for all of us, Martha and Mary alike. There is a balance even for the good attributes.