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I have been reading Her-Story – 366 Devotions from 21 Centuries of the Christian Church by Diana Lynn Severance. Each day contains a brief story of a Christian woman in history. In light of this month's issue, I was particular struck by Macrina the Younger. "Betrothed at age 12, her fiancé died before their marriage and Macrina decided to remain unmarried, devoting herself to Christian work."1 She went on to "… establish the first monastery for women in the East as well as a hospital which ministered to both the physical and spiritual needs of the people."1 She certainly lived a life "With All Confidence."

She was able to "Hold Fast the Confidence" until her dying day. What inspired me was the beautiful prayer she spoke as her family gathered around her deathbed. Here is a small portion of the prayer:

"Thou, O Lord, hast freed us from the fear of death. Thou hast made the end of this life the beginning to us of true life. Thou for a season restest our bodies in sleep and awakest them again at the last trump. Thou givest our earth, which Thou hast fashioned with Thy hands, to the earth to keep in safety. One day Thou wilt take again what Thou hast given, transfiguring with immortality and grace our mortal and unsightly remains. Thou hast saved us from the curse and from sin, having become both for our sakes." 1

What a beautiful prayer of hope and confidence in our Lord. Come join us as we explore ways to  "Hold Fast the Confidence" in our Lord.

1 Her-Story – 366 Devotions from 21 Centuries of the Christian Church by Diana Lynn Severance, page 56.

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