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When children are raised in a healthy environment, they are taught forgiveness from an early age as parents correct them. As the child grows older there may even be some disciplinary action given, such as a time out. Even with the discipline, the child knows the parent still loves him or her. By this example, the child learns to forgive others.

As children grow, they may have people who hurt them with bullying, or other abusive behavior against them. It gets harder to forgive those who cause such harm as we do not have a loving relationship with them.

As we come to know God, we learn the importance of following His ways and guidelines for the good of ourselves and others. We want to please God as we wanted to please our loving parents. We desire God, our Heavenly Father, to Forgive Us Our Sins, so we can continue to build our relationship with Him.

There are people in the world who do not know our Heavenly Father. They may not have had loving parents to teach them forgiveness. We are our Heavenly Father’s representatives. When you Forgive as the Lord Forgave You, you shine the light of God's love for them to see.

Come join us this month as we examine forgiveness.

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