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Pride and envy can seem to pop up easily in our lives. Sometimes we fail to recognize them. Such was the case with the Corinthians. Paul pointed out to them their pride and envy over the spiritual gifts given to individuals in their congregation. Paul let them know it was not wrong to Eagerly Desire Spiritual Gifts. He went on to give the godly perspective. Now About Spiritual Gifts is looked at in this month’s issue.

If you were among the many who got to view the eclipse this past August, (2017), you may want to exclaim as Scarlett does, "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God!" I was able to witness totality from near the center of the longest duration. Glorious it was! I have seen two partial eclipses previously, but they do not come close to the experience of witnessing totality. I would surely recommend making time to view one if you ever have the opportunity.

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