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We finish our series on fear, doubt, discouragement and disobedience this month. I have found obedience is sometimes misconstrued as legalism. Many people have struggled with grace vs. law. In this month's Bible Study Guide, As Obedient Children, notice the Bible references for several of the questions include a chapter or more to read. We cannot just focus on a few verses to get a clear understanding. We need to read God's Word as a whole. Sometimes we would like to say "See Bible" for the verses to reference.

For me, obedience is a reaction, an expression of my thankfulness to God's grace. Thankfully, my salvation is based on grace, not on my ability to keep the law without fault.

It is all too easy as Christians to compare ourselves with those outside of Christianity, while overlooking what Jerry Bridges terms in Respectable Sins, as "the subtle sins" we have.

So come join us and explore what we may learn Because of Their Disobedience.

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