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In the United States, the holiday of Thanksgiving takes place in November. President Lincoln announced it as an official holiday in 1863 "expressing gratitude for a pivotal Union Army victory at Gettysburg, (www.history.com)." While not declared an official national holiday at the time, President Washington "called for an official celebratory 'day of public thanksgiving and prayer.' While Congress overwhelmingly agreed to Washington's suggestion, the holiday did not yet become an annual event. (www.history.com)." As time went on, the holiday has become more secular and became the kick off day for Christmas shopping. While this is discouraging to me, what truly matters is that we are thankful each and every day for what God has done for us. Although there is pain and sorrow in this fallen world, we still have much to be thankful for.

My eight year old granddaughter, Hannah, was singing a song she created. She sang of how the rain from God brings beautiful spring flowers. She sang of how the thunder and lightning would scare her and she would hide in her bedroom, but the rains brought beautiful flowers. We must also remember even when things are dark and fearful; God will bring something good out of it.

Please join us this month in Giving Thanks.

May everyone be blessed with a peaceful and praise filled Thanksgiving.

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