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“Easy to be entreated” is a trait which seems so rare today. My nation, the United States, is so polarized by people not truly wanting to listen to the other side. Even some moderate politicians have resigned as they are hopeless things will change. The unwillingness to listen comes from both the conservatives and the liberals. Ultimately, although I pray about the situation, I can only examine and change myself.

In the commentary, Reasonable, Scarlett discusses why we need to be “willing to yield to reason.” We take a further look in our Bible Study Guide, Easy to be Entreated, at guidelines given in the Bible which are needed to apply this trait of wisdom in our lives.

Pam Dewey joins us this month with her exhortation about how we can apply godly wisdom when Responding to a Cry for Help.

Come join us this month as we dig deeper into wisdom that comes from God.

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