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The Bible occasionally gives us brief insight into an otherwise obscure person. These little snapshots in time provide us with inspiration. Bruce Wilkinson shared the inspiration he received from Jabez in “The Prayer of Jabez”. Sheerah, a woman who built three cities, (1 Chronicles 7:24), provided the inspiration for the Women in Christ issue, “Build on This Foundation,“ Volume 3 issue 8.

Paul gives some small insight into various individuals in his closing of the letter to the Colossians. Nympha stands out as the only woman. Paul greets her and the church that meets in her house. Was she unmarried or was her husband a kind non-believer who allowed the people to meet there?

Epaphras may have stood out to the people of Colosse since Paul tells us he was one of them. I do not know why he was with Paul. Was he helping to support Paul? Perhaps he was a disciple wanting to learn more from Paul and followed him to do so. One thing we do know, he was concerned for his fellow Colossians.

Epaphras not only prayed for the Colossians, but Paul states “He is always Wrestling in Prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured. Colossians 4:12”

This month, let us look closer at a group of people who joined together to Complete the Work.

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