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The meal was delicious. As in many restaurants, the portions were overly generous with two pieces of fish served over a generous pile of brown rice and vegetables with a delicate sauce. Before the first bite, I knew I should plan on saving the smaller piece of fish and half of the rice and vegetables. I finished the first piece of fish, savoring its flavor, I decided the second piece would not taste the same heated up in a microwave the next day. So I went on to eat the second piece of fish. To say the least, I was full. I could not finish the rice and vegetables as delicious as they were.

Sometimes I feel that way spiritually, overly full of peace, thankfulness, or gratefulness for the love God has for me. I feel full of the Holy Spirit in a way where it feels like the love God has for me seems so great there is no room for more. Yet the fullness passes just as I get physically hungry again.

From the time we are born we need food to grow and mature. So it is with our spiritual life. Paul wanted believers to Know the Mystery of God. That is a process and like maturing physically takes time and nourishing food to grow healthy and strong, we must "eat and drink of" Jesus, not any cheap substitute for him.

Please join us this month as we examine what is the Fullness in Christ?

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