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Years ago, in the movie The End, a man played by Burt Reynolds was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Depressed, he decides to commit suicide. He swam far out into the ocean trying to drown himself. While he is underneath the water, he thinks about his daughter and changes his mind. He decides he wants to live for whatever amount of time he has left. He cries out to God, making all sorts of promises if God will help him to the shore. The closer he gets to the shore, he begins taking back all the promises he had made, believing he no longer needs God to reach the shore.

In a humorous way, this movie illustrates human nature. We tend to remember God when we need his help. When things are going well, we don’t remember, or acknowledge, the source of our blessings. We may forget God gives us the ability, the opportunity and the health to have a good job.

Forgetting the Source of our blessings can lead to a downward slide away from God. They Forgot reminds us why we should not forget.

Come join us for the Bible Study Guide this month which encourages us to Remember.

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