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Whether Christians or non-Christians, people serve others in many ways. So what is different about Christian service?

As Christians we should look to the example of Jesus Christ for the why and how we serve others. This month we will examine Different Kinds of Service and Jesus’ example as Servant of All.

We continue to look at the wonderful examples of the gifts and service of the women of the Bible in, Women of the Bible, Role Models for Women Part 2. The book review for this month examines how author Jewell Johnson looks at the The Top 100 Women of the Christian Faith, in her eyes, used their gifts to serve.

I was delighted with the lesson to be learned in Horse Camp in this month's exhortation. I have a new phrase to add to my vocabulary when some hard work needs to be done.

I hope you will join us this month and be inspired and encouraged to use and continue to use your gifts to serve others.

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