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Whether you are a young mother struggling to keep up with raising children, with the household chores and, perhaps, with an outside job, or an elderly woman with little strength or resources, or somewhere in between, it is often difficult to see ourselves having any strong part in the body of Christ Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 12:12. We may ask what gifts do I have that really contribute?

Paul continues on to let us know that all the body parts, even the parts appearing to be weaker are indispensable. Let me add my own bit of analogy, that of the lymph system. We all know how important the circulatory system is to our body. We can even see blood vessels beneath our skin. When we are cut badly we understand how critical those blood vessels are. But there is another part of the circulatory system we cannot see; it is the lymph system which is important to the body’s immunity and fluid balance. We are not aware of its functioning. Unlike the blood, we have no way of feeling it coursing through our bodies, or seeing it from the outside, unless it is no longer functioning properly. If it fails to do its job, we will soon be made aware it is no longer functioning. It will lead to edema, (an accumulation of fluids), leading to the destruction of tissue.

Tucked among those gifts in 1 Corinthians among those that are easily seen or heard, such as apostles, teachers and gifts of healing, is “those able to help others”. That gift may easily go unnoticed, whether a mother helping her child or an elderly woman smiling at her caretaker and showing appreciation for the help the caretaker is giving. There are many things we can do to help others that do not show, nor do they need to show. But the body of Christ would definitely be in worse shape, and certainly not helpful to others outside the church, if it weren't for the quiet, most often unnoticed, gift of those helping others.

Come join us this month as we look at the Diversities of Gifts and dig a little deeper into what Spiritual Gifts are.


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