Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy


The third annual Women in Christ Retreat last month was certainly full of rejoicing. As well as it should have been since our theme was “Rejoice in the Lord Always: Again, I will say Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4.

We chose to use a rainbow as a graphic to represent the theme of the retreat. It brings us such joy and delight to see a beautiful rainbow. God set the rainbow in the sky to be the sign of a covenant that he would never destroy all life with a flood again. When I see a rainbow in the sky, I think of that promise and all the promises God has given us.


Rainbow location of Retreat attendees.

Pam Dewey’s presentation called “The Rainbow Connection” explained we all have a connection with one another. She pointed out through a graphic how those of us attending the retreat have a “rainbow connection” that spreads in the area marked on the map. She demonstrated how we should shine our light to spread the rainbow connection even further. She had us each hold a small battery operated candle flame to represent how our light shines in the darkness. We then put on our “rainbow” glasses on which had the effect of multiplying the light and gave a rainbow effect to the objects in view.


Rainbow connection with granddaughters.She gave me two extra pairs of the rainbow glasses to take home to my granddaughters. How thrilled they were to put them on and to see the rainbows produced!

As I looked at the delight in their eyes, I hoped that I will be a strong “rainbow connection” to them, not only to share the meaning of the rainbow as a covenant of God, but all his promises.

This month we exam “The Promise” that gives meaning to all of the promises of God, come join us as we see “The Spirit is Life”.